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Do you have any sales experience, perhaps are an insurance broker or familiar with the business and want to make some extra money? Consider working with us as an insurance broker.

The insurance industry is a massive market that will always be around, everyone needs a variety of products to insure their life making it an easy sale. A great thing about living in a foreign country is that insurance companies offer higher commission rates due to a lack of sales agents.

As you progress as an insurance broker your income will only continue to grow over the years as your renewals start to kick in. Your first year, you will make good money, but the following years these sales will stack and start generating passive income. Its like making the sale again but with almost none of the effort.

You do not need to be a business savy sales agent with a large market, even if you only know a few people that might be interested it is a great place to start to help you make some side income.

  • Earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per policy sold

  • Renewals create consistent hands off income

  • Sell a variety products you can stand behind

  • Sell policies anywhere in the world, travel uninhibited

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