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Medical Evacuation Insurance

Medical Evacuation Insurance

A medical evacuation policy will return you back to your selected city in the event of a serious illness or accident. The membership plans provide the evacuation using commercial airlines, escorted with a medical escort or, if necessary, via air ambulance so that you can be treated in the comfort of your chosen hospital, doctors and your loved ones.

Anyone who travels or resides in Mexico, whether it’s Full-time, part-time, they are snowbirds, full Expats, or visitors, should look into this insurance option. Individuals who would like to be treated back “home” in your coverage area for your health plan, HMO, PPO. Medicare or Provincal plan that will cover the cost  for your treatment also qualify.

  • Who Should Consider This

    Anyone who travels or resides in Mexico. Full-time, part-time, snowbirds, Expats, visitors. Individuals who would like to be treated back “home” in your coverage area for your health plan, HMO, PPO. Medicare or Provincal plan that will cover the cost  for your treatment.

  • Who Should Not Consider This

    Individuals that do not have coverage back in their home country. In order to be transported to the US or Canada, you must have insurance coverage back home. For most US citizens over 65, that is not a problem as they are covered by the Medicare.program. Some Canadians might benefit from having provincial plans that are active. If you do not have coverage back home, the medical evacuation company will not transport you as the receiving hospital will, in most situations, deny admitting you.

  • Pros

    Relatively inexpensive (compared to buying an individual plan). Will cover preexisting conditions after a waiting period (usually 90 days). All new illnesses and accidents are covered immediately. Liberal underwriting and acceptance (about 95% of applicants are accepted in my experience). Premiums are stable. Usually no deductibles, copayments, or paperwork to file.

  • Cons

    You must qualify to be transported. Usually you must be hospitalized and facing a serious health condition. You need to be stabilized to be transported and might incur hospitalization costs prior to being evacuated. You need to maintain coverage in your home country that you will be transported to.

  • Important Benefits To Look For

    A company that will transport you to your home country and NOT to the closest facility that can treat you. Many credit card plans will only transport you to the closest hospital that can treat you, this might be to the closest major Mexican City hospital. Some plans will transport you to the closest border town (such as Mcallen, TX), and NOT to the hospital or city you choose. Look for the most liberal definition of what has to happen to you before you need to be evacuated. Some plans require you to be in “critical” condition; better plans use “serious” condition before they evacuate you. A company that will allow you to keep your coverage as you get older and not require you to re-qualify in the future. Know who will transport you. Will it be the lowest cost provider? Does the company have a good safety record and accreditation?

  • What Happens As I Get Older

    Some plans require you to re-qualify by taking an medical exam in the future. Some automatically drop you . Some significantly increase your fees when reaching age 75.

  • Preexisting Conditions

    Most health conditions are considered. Coverage for new health conditions are covered; preexisting conditions are covered after a waiting period once the policy takes effect. This is usually after 90 day waiting period. New illnesses and accidents are covered immediately.Have another medical evacuation policy? Talk to us, we may be able to waive the 90 day waiting period.

  • To Sign Up and Underwriting

    Simple underwriting, and very basic health questions. No medical exam required. Policy is issued in about one business day.

  • What Company We Recommend and Why

    We recommend TravelMedevac. This company was founded by the principal owners of International Insurance Group, serving the Mexican travelers and expat community since 1999, and Air Ambulance Worldwide providing over 400 air medical evacuations each year. With TravelMedevac, you know who brings you home. This company uses “serious” condition before evacuating you; they don’t wait for “critical” condition. They WILL NOT compromise their members care by bidding out your air medical transport to the lowest priced provider. Hospital to Hospital Transport. No Co-pays, no deductibles, no out of pocket limits. Highest Health and Safety Certification. When other companies are sending bids out to find providers, Travelmedevac is working on evacuating you.

  • Advice from Aldis at WeExapats

    Many people I meet think they have Medical evacuation plans because it is offered with their platinum credit cards, maybe with their travel policies, or even RV clubs. It is important to understand what happens if you need to be evacuated. Some plans will only evacuate you if you cannot receive adequate care at the hospital you are admitted at. They might transfer you to the closest hospital that can, and that might be the next major town over. Some plans will evacuate you to the closet hospital near the US border. Make sure you understand what your plan offers. We only sell plans that will transport you to the US or Canada EVEN if you can be treated locally. I recommend TravelMedevac because I want to know who will bring my clients home and not entrust their care to the lowest bidder like other providers do. Also this company uses “serious” (not just “critical”) in order to qualify to evacuate you. Other providers offer high pressure, buy-now seminars to make you buy their programs for multiple years. Before signing up with another company, let us offer you a second opinion.

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